Authentic Salad

I had a salad for breakfast this morning.

I like picking out the ingredients from the refrigerator drawers and pantry shelves. This morning I went old school and put a raw green onion in my salad. I used to eat raw onions as a kid—fresh from the garden, or from the holiday relish plate.  

As I got older, eating raw onions went out of fashion.  Or maybe it just got struck from my diet by my own cultural editor. 

During this pandemic, I’ve become more and more aware of my cultural editor. It goes something like this:

Me: I feel like a salad for breakfast.

Cultural Editor: No one eats salad for breakfast.

Me: If I don’t make a salad right now when I feel like it then I might go all day wihout eating a vegetable.

Cultural Editor: You’re supposed to eat a hot breakfast, to warm up your metabolism.

Me: Yes, but I’ve already been for a walk and my metabolism kicked in with the rising sun.

Me, digging through the crisper: Green Onions! These would be good on my salad!

Cultural Editor: No one puts green onions on a salad. Onions give you bad breath

Me (Pausing) Yes, there is the bad breath factor. But since we are on stay-at-home orders, the only people I would offend are my husband and my son. I am willing to risk that!

I’ve learned that my Cultural Editor is like autocorrect, constantly suggesting that I should think or feel something different than what first occurs to me. It’s not always wrong. But it can tend to take over if I’m not careful.

So I ate my salad for breakfast. Green onion and all.

My cultural editor was not wrong; now I have onion breath. But at least it was an authentic salad, made to my own taste with no autocorrect.

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