Walking Our Own Camino

My husband and I have been tracking our daily walks against John Brierley’s Camino de Santiago guidebook.

In the 30 days of April, we walked 310 km (193 imperial miles). If we started at St. Jean Pied de Port in southern France we are now in Hornillos del Camino. We’ve completed a mere 13 of the 33 daily stages outlined in Brierley’s popular guide.

The “real” Camino experience, when we are able to do it, will likely entail twice as much daily walking. Plus hills. And carrying a backpack. Not to mention limited use of a shower, washer, dryer.

If we choose to stay in albuergues, there will be snoring and bedbugs to contend with.

I have a friend who did a 100 mile virtual race in six days during April.  Now she’s signed up to run virtually across Tennessee.

By comparison, our virtual Camino is hardly a physical or mental grind. 

But it’s not nothing.

We are walking our own Camino.


  1. I am very impressed with your commitment and look forward to the story when you complete the “real” Camino! I am walking or riding my bike for 30 minutes almost every day and am so proud of myself for this small achievement.


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