Backyard Camino on Pause

Our Backyard Camino has been on pause this month due to foot issues. After averaging 6-8 miles a day for 50 days, Steve’s foot finally cried “uncle.”

“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes.”–Christian Dior

With a little rest and several shoe changes later, his foot is slowly feeling better. We’ll resume tracking against the Camino de Santiago once we can pick up our daily mileage.  

Meanwhile, we are not losing sight of our goal to walk the Camino in 2021.

Camino in Pandemic

We’re staying abreast of Camino news and discussions through online forums.

Spain was hit hard by Covid-19.  Here’s an article about one town’s experience.   

Steve and I sat in on an international Zoom discussion by three Camino authors on How to Pilgrimage in a Time of Pandemic.

Closer to home, Brazos Bookstore in Houston hosted a virtual event with Julie Gianellioni Connor. Her book, Savoring the Camino de Santiago: It’s the Pilgrimage, Not the Hike won a 2020 eLit Award for Travel Essay category. 

Camino camaraderie, pandemic style

Brazos Bookstore is the kind of place where you’re liable to run into a friend. Such was the case at this virtual Camino event. I saw my friend Lydia on the Zoom participant list. 

Had we been in-person, Lydia and I would have greeted each other with hugs, exclaimed our surprise at our shared interest in the Camino, and sat next to each other in order to comment in respectful whispers on what the speaker was saying.

We managed to do the virtual equivalent by texting throughout the program. 

Living vicariously

The pandemic has spawned dozens of Camino apps with interactive maps, mileage tracking, and online tour groups for people who want to walk a Camino-away-from-Camino.

Some programs offer cool bling in lieu of the pilgrim passport you earn on a real-life Camino.

I’m tracking my friend UltraMonk’s virtual run across Tennessee. Although not a pilgrimage per se, her long-distance run shares the Camino themes of embarking on a difficult physical journey with spiritual elements. She’s also in it for the bling.

We all wait in our own way

It’s a bummer that even our Backyard Camino is on ice for a while. But it helps to have connections with fellow pilgrims while we all wait out the pandemic in our own way.

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