Trace: Thank You Notes

One of my favorite parts of any book is the Acknowledgment section.  It’s so interesting to see who writers thank and how they say thanks.

The Acknowledgment section in Lauret Savoy’s Trace is particularly gratifying. 

Savoy’s thank-you list is long, and her words of thanks are touching and specific. 

Here are some of her words of gratitude, with the names omitted. Aren’t they beautiful? 

To _____, “who read draft after draft over the years, not only providing astute editorial insight but believing in me and my words when I didn’t.

To ______, “who sensed enough promise in rough words read aloud a decade ago to offer to introduce me to his editor.”

__________, who “….listened well into the night to a stranger struggling to find words for her own unspoken hunger.”

“I have benefitted from ideas sparked and connections made at gatherings of writers and thinkers…”

“The people I met at ______ broadened my sense of possibility.”

To ____“whose encouragement to avoid what he called ‘derivative’ nature writing stayed with me.”

To ____, “his death pushed me to find language for what I had been unable to articulate.”

To _____, “for being a crucible of ideas at the intersection of conservation and social justice.”

To ____, you “were all keen colleagues and teachers.”

“So many people welcomed me on my cross-country journeys, offering hospitality or guidance that allowed me to gain a firm grounding.”

From her Acknowledgments alone, I can picture Savoy as the kind of person who sends her friends beautiful missives–thank you notes, postcards. And her friends as the kind of people who store them in a desk drawer as treasured gifts.  

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