Whoop Jenny! Book Notes: Trace, by Lauret Savoy

July 2020 Book Review

I wrote a book review on Trace on Medium, an online publishing platform. You can read it here, using this free link.

Walks/Places I want to go because of Trace:

Books/Authors I want to read because of Trace:

Saying thank you:

One of my favorite parts of any book is the Acknowledgment section. It’s so interesting to see who writers thank, and how. Click here to see what was special about Trace’s Acknowledgment section.

Bird excerpt: 

When I read a book, I look for descriptions of birds. Here’s an excerpt from Trace about the birds at the confluence of the San Pedro and Gila Rivers in Arizona:   

“Gray hawk. Elegant trogon. Lazuli bunting. Broad-billed hummingbird. Vermilion flycatcher. Yellow-billed cuckoo. Birds I’d only imagined I see here. Millions of flyers, hundreds of species take to this avian highway each year, migrating between summer breed grounds as far north as Canada and wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America.  Others choose to nest here, many of them tropical visitors at their farthest reach. By some counts nearly half the bird species in North America make use of the San Pedro, prompting the American Bird Conservancy to name the corridor its first “Globally Important Bird Area” in the United States.”

Lauret Savot, Trace, p. 117-118

Why I read Trace

Trace came to my attention in June 2020 via #blackbirdersweek. Robert Macfarlane, the author of one of my favorite books, The Old Way, retweeted an invitation to an online discussion group that was reading this book together. The online discussion group was a bit of a bust, but the book was wonderful.

How I read Trace: 

Kindle; purchased, not borrowed.  I made highlights and notes on the Kindle app and exported it to my email as a .pdf and as an .xls file. Here’s what the .pdf file looks like:


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