WhoopJenny! Three Months In

Art card by Carol Finney

Three months ago I launched Whoop Jenny!, a blog about birds, books, walks, and friends. I also have written about prayers, art, and the American landscape. It’s all kind of the same.

Art card by Carol Finney

Here are some things I have learned so far:

  1. There is no shortage of things to write about. 
  2. I have no original ideas.
  3. Sometimes I make original connections to ideas.
  4. My ideas are bigger and more complicated than what I can handle in writing. 
  5. If I finish a post and feel like I’ve left a lot unsaid, it’s probably just right.
  6. When it comes to technology, I am a reluctant learner.  
  7. Blogging is hard in the same way that playing is hard.

Here’s a Whoop! to my friend Carol Finney, who proofs every post before it’s published. She mostly proofs for grammar and spelling. She is also someone with whom I can test ideas. Thank you, Carol!

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