Friday Follow-up: Virtual Music and Dance

Photo by Yogendra Singh on

I fell into a bit of a funk after posting the piece on “I Am In Need of Music.” 

Maybe “funk” is not the right word.  I think I fall into the trap of wanting to see signs of normalcy when what I really need to do is pivot my thinking.  I read that in the latest issue of the Texas Music Educators Association Magazine.  

If music teachers can pivot in this pandemic, I am going to try my best to follow their lead.

Here are some things on virtual music and dance worth sharing:

  1. Composer Eric Whitacre’s Ted Talk from 2010, in which he describes the origins of his virtual choir productions.
  2. The Clear Creek High School Choir performing:
    1. The National Anthem, masked and socially distanced  
    2. A Veteran’s Day Tribute sung by the Chamber Choir, with some performers live and some performers online. (I love the Christmas tree in the backdrop of the soprano.)
    3. On local tv about this time last year, before COVID and before we knew the Astros were cheaters.  How innocent the world was back then.
  3. The Houston Ballet’s absolutely fabulous video, Restoration, featuring their finest dancers, en mask, dancing around H-Town.


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