100 Posts

I hit a milestone this month by publishing my 100th post on Whoop Jenny!

Whoop Jenny! was launched in June 2020 when I invited a dozen friends to subscribe to my newsletter and to follow my blog on WordPress. 

The stats since then:

  • 103 blog posts published
  • 1500 visitors
  • 82 followers on WordPress
  • Another 42 subscribers to my newsletter (some overlap)
  • Best views ever: 241, for the guest blog that my sister wrote!

Because some of you have asked:

Whoop Jenny! is the name of my blog where I write about the things that interest me: birds, books, art, friends, walks, and other things worth noticing. 

I publish 2-3 blog posts a week on Whoop Jenny!  There are several ways to follow my posts:

  1. Visit www.whoopjenny.com at your leisure.  All my blog posts are archived on the home page, newest to oldest.
  2. Follow me on WordPress.  When you press the “follow button” on one of my blog posts, you sign up to receive email notifications from WordPress every time I publish something new. If you are a registered WordPress user, my blog posts will show up in your WordPress Reader.
  3. Subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter (see below).
  4. Do all of the above!

In addition, every other Saturday I send out an extra Whoop! to subscribers to my newsletter. My newsletter is a special curation of links and resources and inspirations that I think you’ll find interesting. When I write the newsletter, I make sure there’s a link to every new post so you’ll never miss out on a Whoop Jenny article.  

Here are some things to know about my newsletter:

  • Subscribing to my newsletter is a great way to view all my work in a digest form.
  • You can find an archive of past newsletters on my website.
  • I don’t sell or share contacts.
  • You can unsubscribe anytime.

This blog is a joy to write. I am grateful to my readers for spending your precious time and attention on my little words. Your engagement inspires me.

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      • I laughed and laughed-darn big sister. It makes sense because I shared it with my Facebook friends, so we got double coverage. It was a joy to share that with you. Even the way you wrote all your previous blogs influenced how I wrote mine.

        Liked by 1 person

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