Happy Crayon Day

I have rediscovered crayons in my retirement.

I thought I wanted to learn watercolor. But it turns out I like crayons.

I like the feel of the box they come in.

I like the way they smell.

I like the sound they make when I dump them out on the table.

I like the possibilities of all that color.

I keep my crayons in an old coffee can that my mother-in-law gave me during my last visit with her. It’s the same can where my husband kept his crayons when he was a boy, a half a century ago.

Life is made significantly brighter by having a crayon sharpener on hand. Sometimes, when I peel off the label on a crayon to sharpen it, I feel like I’m tending a garden.

Crayon shavings are wonderful just as they are.  There’s no need to melt them.

I like to color my own drawings. Even though I’m not a good drawer. I fall in love with them when I color them.

Here is an artist who makes fine art entirely from crayons: Crayon Art by Kristina Nelson.

Here is a web site touting the benefits of making art with crayons.  I liked this video demonstration of how to use fancy art crayons.  But I think I’ll stick to my crayolas for now.

Happy Crayon Day!


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