Easter Birds’ Nests

When I was growing up, our Easter baskets always contained birds’ nests–chocolate-covered chow mein noodles with jelly beans in the middle.

We made them on Saturday with my mother’s help. We placed them in the refrigerator overnight for the Easter Bunny.

When the Easter Bunny arrived at our house, he placed a chocolate nest in each of our Easter baskets, and then hid the baskets for us to find in the morning. 

I have made chocolate birds’ nests for my own family. It’s fun, but it doesn’t have quite the magic as the ones made with Mom and hidden with care by our Easter Bunny.

This year, I’m relishing birds’ nests of a different sort.  My husband Steve, my friend Fran, and I went to High Island this week to check out the Smith Oaks Rookery

The Smith Oaks Rookery is a “favored roosting and nesting place for thousands of waterbirds. In the spring and summer herons, egrets, cormorants, and spoonbills build their nests and raise their chicks on the predator-free island.” 

Houston Audubon

Here are some of the pictures Steve took of the birds’ nests on High Island:

Two Spoonbills Spooning
Easter egret nesting


  1. Now I feel like I lived a deprived childhood in the same town where you lived. I, too, would like the recipe for grandson and neighbor kids. I loved the pictures of the birds from Smith Oaks Rookery. Thank Steve for me.

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