Adélie penguins

It’s #Avianaugust2022, and the bird of the day is the Adélie penguin. I drew a picture of penguins on a rainbow beach on the arctic sea. 

I was inspired by what Jennifer Ackerman wrote about Adélie penguins in her book, The Bird Way:

“Our view of bird sex has changed radiacally over the years. Behaviors we used to think of as rare or deviant we now understand to be common. Adélie penguins deserve a special mention in this regard.”

Ackerman goes on to explain that penguins—and lots of other animals both in the wild and in captivity–exhibit same-sex sexual behavior. Who knew?

I don’t want to ruffle any feathers with this information. As for me, I’m perfectly happy to let Adélie penguins love who they love.

Need an icy visual treat for a hot summer day? Check out David Sidey’s 3-minute video on Adélie penguins.


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