I’m Jenny Curry Dudley. I grew up in South Dakota, went to school in New Mexico, and currently live in Texas, half-way between Houston and Galveston.

Whoop Jenny! Taking notice and having fun

Whoop Jenny! is a blog about the things I pay attention to, mostly books, birds, walks, friends and philosophy.

My current interests are wayfaring literature, memoirs, and reading about how artists work.

My husband Steve takes a lot of the pictures on Whoop Jenny! We plan to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spring, 2021.

Blogging is a new hobby for me. Thanks for your patience as I find my writer’s voice and process.

The Name Whoop Jenny!

Whoop Jenny! is a fun game I used to play with my three nephews. Some people know the game as Johnny Whoops.

My longtime blog heroes:

Maria Popova, Brain Pickings; Austin Kleon, a writer who draws; Trent Hamm, the Simple Dollar; Dave Whitson, Camino Stuff; Ultramonk.